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It sounds absolutely incredible that people living right here in the United States wouldn't know that the world's largest source of free business help delivers over $29 Billion dollars in free grants and low-interest loans, over one-half trillion dollars in procurement contracts; and over $32 billion dollars in FREE business consulting and research grants.

With an economy that remains unpredictable, and a need for even greater economic development on all fronts, the federal government is more willing now, than ever before to give you the money you need to start your own business or grow an existing business!

In spite of the perception that people should not look to the government for financial help, many people have and many will continue to do so. One reason is that these great government give-away programs have remained so incredibly huge that if each of the approximately 8 million businesses applied for an equal share, they would each receive over $70,000. in free money.

Most people will never apply for a FREE Government Grant because they somehow feel it isn't for them, they may feel there's too much red-tape involved (in which there isn't), or they simply don't know who to contact for this money. The fact is, however, that people form all walks of life do receive FREE GRANT MONEY and other benefits from the government everyday, and so should you.

small business grants... Just Added! 
Small Business Financial Resource Locator!

The Small Business Financial Resource Locator will help you find organizations in your area that specialize in helping people start, operate and expand a business. A must have for anyone thinking of starting a business of their own, or expanding a business they already own. New resources are added weekly.

Our New Complete Government Grant Package Includes...

Free Applications
All New Grant Writing Software
Information on Amount of Funding Available (in detail)
Actual Phone Numbers & Addresses Of Grant Sources 
Complete Information on Low Interest & No Interest Loans
Complete Listing Of Many College Scholarships and Grants
Home Purchase Down Payment Assistance Grant Program - NEW!
1000's of Direct Web Site Links to the Government Grant Organizations
    and Private Grant Foundations Nationwide 

Complete listings of 1000's of Grants Available by Category & Agency
A Free Consultation with one of our Grant Start-up Specialists
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As with all grant seeking, the key to obtaining government grants is preparation and a knowledge about funding sources. Preparation means identifying a particular grant program that fits your needs, and then determining if you fall within their criteria restrictionGovernment Grantss. All of this will be included in our NEW guide to save you valuable time in trying to find the right grant sources for your needs.

The following will be invaluable to you in locating thousands of sources of FREE MONEY!


GRANT MONEY FOR MINORITY BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Grants are awarded up to $2 million dollars to stimulate the economy and create jobs.

FREE MONEY TO PROVIDE ASSISTANCE TO ECONOMICALLY DISADVANTAGED BUSINESSES: Management and technical assistance is provided free to disadvantaged businesses.

GRANT MONEY FOR WOMEN OWNED BUSINESSES: Up to $8,000,000 dollar grants are given away to women in business each year.


FREE BUSINESS CONSULTING: Free management advice is offered on almost every business subject by the Department of Economic Development to minimize new business start-up management costs.

BUSINESS SITE SELECTION: State hired specialists are available to assist new entrepreneurs select the best possible location for their new business.

MANAGEMENT TRAINING: Most states will assign specialists to work with a new business with one-on-one management training.

EMPLOYEE TRAINING ASSISTANCE: This program provides FREE MONEY to train employees. FREE MONEY is also available to send employees to school.

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT GRANTS: FREE MONEY is available to attract high-tech related companies.

GRANT PROGRAM CONSULTANTS: States have highly trained management consultants who will locate Federal Grant Programs and help you through the application Process.

FREE FEDERAL MONEY FOR THE ELDERLY: This money is given to the elderly to assist them with everyday living expenses.

FREE GRANT MONEY FOR LOW INCOME FAMILIES: Free money is given to low-income families to help them with rent payments, food and other living expenses. There simply isn't enough room in this report to begin listing all the FREE MONEY programs that are available from the federal and state governments. We can tell you however, the general types of programs that are available and where to begin.

Grant money can provide you with the independence you need to start your own business or launch you on a new career destination. These dollars can help you acquire schooling you've either lacked or need to change course.

All it takes is organizational skill, the ability to write a proper grant proposal and knowing who to write to for applications. This grant program will be your guide and can improve your chances of securing grant money dramatically! We Guarantee it! 

Start a Business? Or expand your existing business? Our Government is giving away Over 5 Billion dollars in Small Business grants and low-interest loans. More than 6,000,000 deserving people this year will get Free Money to fulfill their dreams! What are you waiting for? This is your opportunity to do the same.

educational grants, college grants College Students! A HUGE amount of money is out there waiting for you. Contrary to what you may have heard, our Government does care about your education! Over 3 Billion Dollars in college grants, Pell grants & Scholarships are being given away to college students to help finance their education. No credit checks or collateral is required. Start applying today
online! There are also low interest and no Interest Government loans available for you to take full advantage of. There are also special grants for Research & Technology available.

Good News For Women & Minorities! 3 Billon Dollars in Free Grant Money is now available to help you start a business of your own or for personal needs. Take Advantage of this amazing opportunity Now! This is Your Tax Money! Get Your Share Today!

Get Free Money For Your Down Payment  To Purchase your Dream Home or get Money for Home Improvements That Never Has To Be Repaid!!! Government Housing Grants, Down Payment Grants, Low Interest and No Interest Loans are available. Learn about the FHA; and the FFHA, Who they are and How They Can Help You Fulfill your Dreams! 

There are also Reserved Free Government Grants now available for the following special interest groups. American Indians, Veterans, Family Members of Veterans, Low Income Families, Community Block Grants, Non Profit Organizations, First Time Home Buyers, Artists, Musicians, Nurses, Teachers, Researchers, The Disabled, People Suffering From HIV and AIDS, Substance Abuse. There are literally Millions Available; To get your share all you have to do is click & Find your program
from the detailed categorized listings.

Also, in the Complete Guide System to Government Grants you'll find:

Easy direct access to thousands of resources of state specific grant programs

Step by step guidelines to applying for government grants

Name, phone number and address of an expert in your state that will answer your grant related questions and help you with the grant application... free of charge

Online directory of government supported venture capital firms

A unique search tool that will allow you to generate a customized listing of recently announced grant programs

Government funding programs for small businesses

Top 100 government programs (based on number of inquiries), discover what are the most sought after government grants and assistant programs. Claim your share of this FREE MONEY.

Online Directory of federal and state resources for government scholarships and grants for education

Step by step guidelines to locating grants, loans and assistant programs for starting a new business or expanding an existing one

How to get free small business counseling and expert advice courtesy of the US government

Government grants application forms

Direct access to thousands of government grants programs covering: small businesses, home improvement, home buying and homeownership, land acquisition, site preparation for housing, health, assistance and services for the unemployed, job training, federal employment, education, and much much more

How to develop and write a winning grant proposal that get results

...Plus much more

This Complete Grant Package is so comprehensive, it provides you with direct access to practically every source of FREE government grants money currently available.

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These FREE Added Bonuses: 

  1. Instant access to Over 3,000 Grant Money Links That connects You directly to Thousands of Government Grant and Private Grant Foundations websites that contain every source of Free Money Currently Available! Sites that are extremely hard if not almost impossible to find on your own.  All you need to do is click & find your program from the detailed alphabetized listings. 

    You can apply directly online for Government Grants, Scholarships & Low Interest Loans. Don't waste your time, start applying for the money you need now, to start a business, help fund an existing business, buy your dream home or home improvement, medical needs or get the money to pay off your bills! These links are included
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  4. 85 Hot Money Making Opportunities reports (complete with reprint rights) that you can use to start your own home based business business! Also included FREE with every order!

 Here is a small samples of the Many Government Assistance Information
 available to you through our Grant Money Links program.

  Nursing Grant Programs
  Research Grant Programs 
Utility bills Grant Programs
Child Care Grant Programs
Federal Assistance Programs
Housing assistance Programs
Veterans Assistance Programs
Federal Direct Loans Programs
Car Payments Grant Programs
  Home Repairs Grant Programs
Business Assistance Programs
  Rent Payments Grant Programs
Education Assistance Programs
Low Income Assistance Programs
Fullbright Scholarships & Many More
Home Business Assistance Programs
Minority Business Assistance Programs
Women Owned Business Assistance Programs and Much More!

We have assembled a team of highly trained professionals which in turn has created the Finest Most Recent, Accurate & Complete Free Grant Information Program on and off the internet. We have dedicated our efforts to providing you with a quality program that provides not only thousands of Free Grant sources but also assist you in the most important step and that is the proposal. 

We provide you with step by step instructions on How to write and even word your proposal. Also included with every order are the actual Government Applications you'll need to Receive your Grant Award. Our Grant Writing Software even helps you fill out the applications! 

You will not be disappointed. See our 100% money back guarantee

For your convenience we offer these amazing grant programs in Book Form, CD-ROM and Download format. Click Here For Programs Cost and Order Procedures.

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new programs Also Included: Business Venture Capitol Sources.

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